Perry County, Tennessee

Perry County, Tennessee
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There are some places that exist for when people want to get away from the city life. The constant sounds of traffic, music, and crowds may become overwhelming depending on the personal preference of the individual. Maybe it is for a few days, maybe it is a permanent move but either way finding a quiet place for life to slow down is much needed from time to time. Located an hour and a half from Nashville, Perry County is close to 90 miles southwest of the capital city. It is 423 square miles of rural American beauty and the perfect place for anyone who is looking to leave city life behind. Linden is the county seat of Perry County and has awesome places to shop and eat in the downtown area. The City of Lobelville is off the beaten path yet has plenty of family recreational fun. Regardless of age or gender, there is something for everyone in this town with a population less than one thousand people.

Perry County is full of vast natural scenery that consists of rolling hills, creeks, and rivers. The county has some of the best outdoor hunting and fishing in the state. Mousetail Landing State Park located in Linden, is a 1,247-acre park located on the east bank of the Tennessee River. Fishing is a popular activity at the park. Visitors are permitted to fish anywhere they can reach the water. Bass, crappie and catfish are just a few of the fish species that can be found in the 652-mile river. In addition to fishing, the park is a great place for boating, camping, mountain biking, and hiking. One of the most popular activities during the warmer months is to float down the Buffalo River.

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