Moore County, Tennessee

Moore County, Tennessee
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Moore County is small town living at its finest. The community is known for being the place where legendary whiskey maker Jack Daniel called home. Moore County is the third least populous county in Tennessee and at 130 square miles also the second smallest. Its population is under seven thousand residents, with most residing in Lynchburg, the county seat. Moore County is a picturesque farming community with scenic backroads and peaceful living. Located in south-central Middle Tennessee, it is the epitome of small-town country life.

Being small is an asset for this thriving community. The world recognizes the Lynchburg name as the home of the world’s most famous whiskey brand. All it takes is one drive through the heart of Lynchburg to understand how the community has embraced the Jack Daniel’s brand. With it being the oldest registered distillery in North America, the city with less than six thousand residents, welcomes around 250,000 visitors annually from across the globe. To think that every ounce of Jack Daniel’s whiskey comes from this small town may be hard to believe for some. One thing that shocks many people, is that even though Jack Daniel’s is the heartbeat of Lynchburg, Moore County itself considered to be a dry county.

Believe it or not, the charm of the county is not all tied to Jack Daniel. The square, located in downtown Lynchburg, is a dream to those who love preserved architecture. It is known as Lynchburg’s Historic District and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The square has a courthouse built in 1885, an Old Jail Museum and antique shopping and more. The entire experience of walking around downtown can be described as taking a stroll back in time.

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