Marshall County, Tennessee

Marshall County, Tennessee
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Welcome to Marshall County, Tennessee

Marshall County, Tennessee was founded in 1836 and stretches 376 square miles. It is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. One interesting fact is that Marshall County was supposed to be named Cannon County. Due to a clerical error at the time of formation, the documents were inadvertently switched and never corrected. Most citizens of Marshall County reside in Lewisburg, which is the county seat. Newcomers to Marshall County and any of its towns should expect to be treated with real southern hospitality. This is one of the best places to live and enjoy the outdoors with the entire family. With so many outdoor activities available, it is a dream place to live for nature lovers. 

Chapel Hill, Tennessee is a smaller town located in Marshall County. Henry Horton State Park is located there. The Park was constructed in the 1960s on the estate of the former governor of Tennessee, Henry Horton and is located on the shores of the Duck River. The remnants of a mill and bridge operated and used by the family Horton’s spouse for over a century may be seen today on the Wilhoite Mill Trail. The Park is clean, well-maintained, and perfect for families. Hiking, tubing, golfing, sport shooting, fishing, and more are all available at Henry Horton State Park. The lodging options include but are not limited to, cabins, RV campsites, tent campsites and rooms at the lodge. Having a quality family friendly park is something that the community does not take for granted. It is a testament to visitors and residents on how taking care of our natural areas will preserve them for future generations.

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