Bedford County, Tennessee

Bedford County, Tennessee
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Bedford County, Tennessee is located nearly sixty miles southeast of Nashville, in southern Middle Tennessee.  The county is 475 square miles with majority of residents living in Shelbyville, which is also the county seat. Bedford County is home to popular historic towns of Bell Buckle, Wartrace and Normandy, too. All three have listings on the National Register of Historic Places. Normandy is unique because the entire town is listed as the “Normandy Historic District”. Overall, the county can be described as a historically charming, quiet place with low crime and lots of personality. It should not be overlooked that one of the best schools in North America is in Bedford County. Founded in 1870, The Webb School is a world-renowned college preparatory boarding and day school in Bell Buckle. 

Shelbyville earned its nickname “The Walking Horse Capital of the World”, for the annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration the city hosts each year. The equestrian event that began in 1939 and is the premier event in the industry with the World Champion being crowned annually on the last evening. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy fishing and floating down the Duck River which flows through Shelbyville. The river is home to over 150 species of fish, 284 miles long and the longest river located entirely in the state of Tennessee.  

The Town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee is full of historical charm. Surrounded by hills and farmland, the town started out as a railroad village in 1852 and today is full of restored Victorian homes and churches. Bell Buckle has quickly become known for its antiques, quilts, handmade crafts, home cooking and hospitality in recent years. One visit to this special place will leave no doubt as to why it has been named Southern Living’s #1 Best Small Town in 2021. Thousands of visitors come each year to visit the charming downtown for its shops, food and attend annual festivals. Downtown Bell Buckle has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the Bell Buckle Historic District. 

Wartrace is tucked away amongst the gorgeous rolling hills of the countryside. The small town is known for its civil war history, hand-crafted guitars and historic architecture. The Wartrace Historic District includes approximately 140 structures and runs along Main Street, Spring Street, Vine Street, and Knob Creek Road. 

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