Wartrace, Tennessee

Green rolling hills will take you to the downtown area of Wartrace, Bedford County, where residents and business owners will greet you with a smile and treat you as a friend. They will entertain you with stories about the rich history of the town, which goes back centuries. The settlement became known as Wartrace Depot, when Tennessee's first railroad was built through the county in 1852.

Known as the cradle of the Tennessee Walking Horse, Wartrace invites you to learn its history and enjoy a unique shopping and dining experience. The town’s historic buildings house shops, filled with handmade treasures and interesting pieces, new and vintage. The stores provide opportunities for local artists to exhibit their artwork, which enhances the visitors’ experience. You will discover cozy eateries, with tasty options on their menus. 

Visit Tennessee Walking Horse National Museum, which documents the history and heritage of the Tennessee Walking Horse. The museum preserves artifacts, documents and photographs and invites you to learn about the rich history of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

Not only does the Bellamy Café and Diner offer delicious sandwiches to customers but it offers entertainment. The café provides a stage to musicians from the area. The diner also displays paintings of local artists, adding color and charm to the place. 

Find vintage pieces, home décor items and handcrafted gifts at the Rusty Bee. Purchase handmade jewelry to add character to your outfit and candles to add nice fragrance for your home. Stop by the Shoppes at 31 Main for Wartrace souvenirs, antiques, farmhouse decor, clothing and accessories, Christmas decorations, yard art and handcrafted items from local artisans. When you enter the Sparrow’s Nest, you will find not only unique gifts, local honey and jams but a “gathering place for kindred spirits” and free books. 

Wartrace events, such as the town-wide yard sale and the Wartrace MusicFest, bring talented musicians, food trucks and games to the downtown area of the historic railroad town.

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