Mount Pleasant, Tennessee

Mount Pleasant, Tennessee is one of the larger towns in Nashville’s Big Back Yard, with about 5000 residents enjoying its historic buildings, friendly attitude, and small-town charm. It’s darn near exactly halfway between Nashville and Muscle Shoals, making it an excellent hub for the smaller communities surrounding it and a popular spot for visitors from all over.

Downtown Mount Pleasant feels like a step back in time. It’s a designated Historic Commercial District, featuring lovingly restored storefronts surrounded by preserved homes, walkable side streets, and historic buildings and businesses. Since 1824, folks have gathered on the Square to meet friends, celebrate together, and conduct business; the same is true today. It seems like something’s always happening in Mount Pleasant, from music and public arts projects on the Square to festivals, theater events and Summer Porch concerts.

Mount Pleasant has a special music undercurrent. Visit the Mount Pleasant Grille downtown, a restored spot that once regularly hosted Eddy Arnold, Minnie Pearl, Roy Acuff, and other Opry members on its second-floor stage. Today, you can hear live music from local artists at almost every community event and gathering, or host your event in the Triangle Room, named for the Americana Music Triangle

Mount Pleasant is situated on what was once Andrew Jackson’s Old Military Road, a route that transported troops from Nashville to New Orleans during the War of 1812 and saw hundreds of Cherokee journey through town after being forced from their homes to walk the tragic Trail of Tears. Look for the art installation honoring those who passed through town on the deadly march to Oklahoma, featuring brightly colored flower sculptures named after Cherokee women.

And just outside of town, tour Rattle and Snap, a beautifully preserved Antebellum mansion that tells the story of the town’s rich agricultural and phosphate mining history. 

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